Friday, February 8, 2008

The Cradle Project

Oh and here is my cradle - created for a project to be shown in New Mexico in 2008.
Have a look and learn more about the project, which is designed to raise awareness about the AIDS Orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, at:
Artist Statement

The cradle is an object for holding, comforting and protecting the innocent; the empty cradle is a mystery. It is this emptiness and mystery that my work attempts to question.

Having recently begun a series of works woven on a simple four-harness loom, it naturally followed that my piece would be woven. The ordinary and ubiquitous plastic grocery bag is my medium of choice. I am very much interested in reuse of materials readily available and in abundance not only for the ecological implications but also as an investigation into transformation and what happens when we look at something in a new way.

The utter incomprehension at the fact of the plight of these orphans might be assuaged through art. To look at it through a different lens might create the bridge for understanding and healing. Through my chosen medium I hope to explicate my belief that there is worth to be found in even the most mundane of materials if given the structure and framework in which to grow.

The form is roughly cradle-like yet it remains disconcertingly amorphous. It’s fluid, indistinct quality enhances a sense of anonymity. Additionally, the piece carries a visual weight despite its meager mass. All of these aspects
come together to symbolize the nameless multitude facing an uncertain future.
Finally the work is suspended to signify Ascent: a levitation up out of the dust of the landfill – a rebirth and renewal.

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